About Us

Three years, several long summers, barely any winters and innumerable visits to Souq Waqif and Sealine Beach later, I’ve come to realise that not only have I survived in this country despite all odds, I’ve learnt to love it. So I thought, why not share my familiarities and things to do besides regular shisha and bbqs with the lesser experienced people of Doha?

The Qatar Survival Guide is just that – a comprehensive guide to surviving in this country, winter, summer or hot summer. True, there are way too many blogs that talk about food, fashion, travel, lifestyle. So is this blog going to be any different? Absolutely not – innovation is boring. I just jumped on the bandwagon and decided to do what everyone else does. I do promise to be honest though, and keep the sense of humour alive. And hopefully give you a reason to read more than one post in this not-so-different blog.