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24 hour doha

24 Hour Hangouts in Doha

Are you more nocturnal than a vampire? Do you sit up late nights and wonder where to go and what to eat? …


Roadtrip through Exotic Jordan

If you’ve lived in the Middle East for a while now, either you’ve already been to Jordan, or you’ve really been wanting …

baladna farm

Roadtrip to Baladna Farm

Do you love long drives? Do you love food? If your answer is ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then read on. …

aqua park

Aqua Park in Qatar – Review

QSG was recently invited to try out Aqua Park and surprisingly, despite being here for over four years, it was the first …

hidden gems

Hidden Gems in Doha

Dining in Doha is not a cheap affair, unless you are 1. A foodie like me and know where to go and …